Oma the Great

Jenepher Lingelbach was one of the most loving, compassionate people I have known. When I married her son Bruce, it was clear that I hit the mother-in-law jackpot. I feel so grateful to have known this true wonder woman.

People who met Jenepher once and people who knew her for years appreciated her warm, genuine way of connecting. » Read more

Wrangling Angst

Overcoming Inner Thigh Chafe and Irrational Fears

Decades before leggings were regular attire, wearing lycra tights took courage and resilience. As a college alpine ski racer back in the 80s, dry land training made inner thigh chafe a daily focus. The Nordic skiers had been wearing lycra tights for years, but they were sweaty people who had to be naked to avoid hypothermia, so lycra tights were considered overdressing. » Read more

“Handlers” and Hookups

Dragging Middle School All The Way To College

Social Courage takes practice. Many people hope that Social Courage will suddenly land on them and allow them to avoid awkwardness. Developing Social Courage requires a willingness to be vulnerable by diving into awkward soup with some regularity. » Read more

Lady Clothes

The Naked Dress That Set Me Free

As an enemy of fashion, purchasing a formal dress requires effort and concentration for me. When I was a senior in college, I spent my hard-earned money on one fancy dress with hopes it could be worn to three upcoming black-tie events. » Read more

Misguided Righteousness

A Family Held Captive by a Kid and a Rooster

For years, my older siblings teased my dad about the time when his eleven-year-old kid and her rooster took over the family. I was persistent about my dream of owning chickens, and my dad had a weak spot for animals and a good deal. » Read more