Stop the Bitch

Compliance Training for girls starts early in life, and it lasts until they choose to stop playing by the rules and willingly pay the consequences. Girls and women are told to speak their minds but to be “nice” while they do so. » Read more

Big Pines in the Afternoon Light

Until my mother died at ninety-three years old, she maintained a deep connection to God. She always had a serene look on her face on our way back to the car after church. For me, sitting through church and religion class made me feel naughty for swearing, fighting with my sister, being mean to peers and not paying attention during the service. » Read more

Finding Balance

In Isolation with Rich Roll and Tiger King

Having a lot of time on our hands is like a preview to what old age will be like. I have become my mother thirty years earlier than expected. I remember chuckling when my mom would be exhausted after a busy day of going through a pile of mail, reading the paper and replying to two emails. » Read more

NYC Marathon: A Feast of an Experience

Finishing the NY Marathon with my body and sanity intact was a lifetime achievement. I felt joy for the first 15 miles, moderately strong for another 9 miles and quite uncomfortable for the last 2.2. The cocktail of Gatorade and shot blocks with a cliff bar at mile 19 may have contributed to the less than excellent feelings in the birth canal of that run, but it was worth it. » Read more