Fiasco Management

Pause, adapt, and in some situations…Dismiss

My parents, Reg and Nancy Pierce were in their mid-forties when they became innkeepers. From 1971 until 2002, Reg and Nance hosted a wide variety of events at Pierce’s Inn, sometimes taking on challenging events just to keep the Place afloat. » Read more

Drifty Over Fifty

Bruce and I have stepped up our dementia preventia efforts over the last few years. We feed the microbiome with a diversity of plants, sleep more, hydrate with gusto, exercise and meditate most days. He does crossword puzzles, and I do Sudoku. » Read more

Unexpected Down Time

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” — W.B. Yeats

There have been unexpected benefits of this collective pause in quarantine. Without question, living in rural New Hampshire makes it much easier to stay physically and emotionally healthy with regular access to nature and the outdoors. » Read more

The Stealth Germaphobe

It takes a Pandemic and about a week of quarantine to be reminded of the latent traits of family members. Bruce and I have been married for almost twenty-four years, and it turns out he is a full-on germophobe. As an innkeeper, he is vigilant in the kitchen; he has always required the servers to wash hands for twenty seconds, which he learned in his Safe Serve class years ago. » Read more

Fear Trifecta

A Creaky Old House, a Dark Night and a Tub of Noxzema

I lived in a constant state of fight-or-flight until my sister went to college. Sarah grew up to be one of the most kind and loving people despite the fact that she spent a lot of time attempting to make every one of my childhood fears come true. » Read more

Optimism Required!

Finding Balance in the Positive Pierce Family

Being positive is clearly the way to go in life, but there are some benefits to taking a moment of reflection before moving on. As the youngest of seven kids, I was marinated in optimism. » Read more

Elusive Family Joy


Big Plans, Snarky Kids

I used to anticipate “family joy” with giddiness as we embarked on a hike, outing, vacation, or dinner out together as a five-pack. It wasn’t too far into our parenting journey that I learned how my expectations, hopes and agendas could turn special time together into a slog. » Read more