Blinded by the Love of Chimps

When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be Jane Goodall. Back in the day, we could only get two channels in Etna, NH. Once a year, National Geographic’s Jane Goodall; My Life with Chimpanzees would air on one of our channels on a random Saturday afternoon. » Read more

New Neighbors: Nutts and Balls

Long before my parents became innkeepers at Pierce’s Inn, they brought our family as guests to the Keene’s Lodge. My oldest five siblings attended Keene’s Ski School and learned to ski on the rope tow behind the Lodge. The Ashley family owned the place when Winston, the fifth child in our family of seven attended Ski School. » Read more

New York City Comedy Club Scene

The New York Comedy Club was funky at the outset. A sign explained how they prided themselves on being a bit seedy. We followed a long, narrow pathway to the comedy zone with a theatrical feel and black brick walls. Here I was, plucky New Hampshire mom ready to roll with my story about the female condom. » Read more

The Vagina Dialogues

My eagerness to be open with my children about body parts and sexually related topics gets me in some challenging conversations with our three-year-old son Zander. I spent a weekend in New York City with a friend where we saw The Vagina Monologues. » Read more