Boomer Glitch

It turns out I was confused by Apple Maps when traveling on foot until my daughter yanked my head out of my backside. One issue is that I often reach for my phone to get directions without putting on my glasses. » Read more

Unintentional Off-Roading

A Wyoming Adventure in a Rental Car

The most nerve-wracking, adventurous and beautiful drive of my life occurred in the middle of what was supposed to be a relaxing afternoon. I had hours to get from Billings, MT to Powell, WY for a speaking gig at Northwest College. » Read more

Old Baby Girl

Never too old for a little degradation

Conventional femininity has never been my thing. My parents didn’t have the energy to curb my ruffian nature as a kid. After raising the six older siblings, they distilled their parenting down to a couple of basics: live by your own rules and to be true to yourself despite inevitable feedback. » Read more

Wrangling Angst

Overcoming Inner Thigh Chafe and Irrational Fears

Decades before leggings were regular attire, wearing lycra tights took courage and resilience. As a college alpine ski racer back in the 80s, dry land training made inner thigh chafe a daily focus. The Nordic skiers had been wearing lycra tights for years, but they were sweaty people who had to be naked to avoid hypothermia, so lycra tights were considered overdressing. » Read more

Lady Clothes

The Naked Dress That Set Me Free

As an enemy of fashion, purchasing a formal dress requires effort and concentration for me. When I was a senior in college, I spent my hard-earned money on one fancy dress with hopes it could be worn to three upcoming black-tie events. » Read more

Misguided Righteousness

A Family Held Captive by a Kid and a Rooster

For years, my older siblings teased my dad about the time when his eleven-year-old kid and her rooster took over the family. I was persistent about my dream of owning chickens, and my dad had a weak spot for animals and a good deal. » Read more

A Triumphant Bra

In a Sea of Unnecessary Lingerie

Inspiring clothing items have the potential to ignite my day. My running sneakers, certain socks and even some of my underwear have so much pop of color that they help me dive into my days with extraordinary gusto. » Read more

Stretching My Fashion Zone…Again

Getting feedback on my outfits from my kids never goes that well, but I can’t seem to help myself. Luckily I have a strong ego, because any time I stretch a little outside my fashion range, they don’t hold back.

While my dress up bar is low, occasionally I bust out with a little razzle-dazzle. » Read more

Dumbass in diapers

It is hard to imagine what leads to a 46-year-old woman like me to be sitting in an extra-large adult diaper watching Patriots News. Fate is actually the thing that got me here. I am now convinced that the Universe aligns to bring such occasions into my life. » Read more