“Cindy Pierce is, was and will continue to be the funniest woman I have ever met. She is a natural storyteller.” – Mike O’Malley, who plays Burt Hummel on Glee

Comic Storytelling

Cindy performs in White River Junction, Vt., in May 2019.

Comfort in the Stumble

You will be howling with laughter when Pierce hits the stage with fresh stories reflecting her uncanny resilience despite her life of unraveling incident magnetism. Pierce starts the show exploring how she developed resilience thanks to the influence of a cast of family characters who helped raise her. As an adult, setbacks don’t faze her thanks to her ability to find humor, pick herself back up, and keep diving into life. The feast of stories include Pierce interviewing dancers backstage at a strip club, discovering the wonders of oatmeal diapers and working through the challenge of finding lady clothes.

Finding the Doorbell!

Cringe, laugh, cheer, and be relieved that Cindy experienced these mishaps and triumphs rather than you! Dicey situations retold — from the female condom, to an escapade with the “Last Resort Bra,” to everything you wanted to know about urinal mints — all illustrating her life-long determination to find humor rather than humiliation from her anatomy.

Cindy reviews her show’s notes before taking to the stage.