“Cindy Pierce is, was and will continue to be the funniest woman I have ever met. She is a natural storyteller.” – Mike O’Malley, who plays Burt Hummel on Glee

Comic Storytelling

Highlights from Cindy’s performances in White River Junction, Vt., in 2019.

Watch highlight reels, full show and reflections above.

Keeping It Inn

Functionally dysfunctional families start with well-intended choices and usually lead to unraveling consequences. When Nancy dies at ninety-three, she stumbles on the chance to explain her six decades as a mother of seven, wife and innkeeper. Nancy and her husband Reg leap from suburban Connecticut to rural New Hampshire to become innkeepers without a speck of experience. Running a ramshackle Inn deepens their love and keeps them busy enough to hold their sorrows at bay. As Nancy’s life tour continues, she reconsiders her choices and the unmistakable evidence that tending our hearts is necessary. When dementia consumes her, she maintains her conviction, humor and sass as she shares a bit more wisdom about family connection, lasting love and the need to adapt right to the final exit ramp.

Wrangling The Drift

Cindy Pierce will touch your heart, make you laugh, and likely inspire a tear or two as she shares stories of her beloved mother, Nancy, and her family’s journey with dementia. Cindy will focus on her journey as a caregiver to share moments of high comedy and profound loss, familiar to those who have supported a loved one with dementia. Having learned the skill of finding humor in the absurd from Nancy herself, Pierce recognizes the many challenging aspects of dementia with tenderness and a healthy dose of humor. Cindy’s stories invite all of us to know that we are not alone.

Sex Drive

Follow this link to see the six-part series on YouTube (age-restricted).

Comfort in the Stumble

You will be howling with laughter when Pierce hits the stage with fresh stories reflecting her uncanny resilience despite her life of unraveling incident magnetism. Pierce starts the show exploring how she developed resilience thanks to the influence of a cast of family characters who helped raise her. As an adult, setbacks don’t faze her thanks to her ability to find humor, pick herself back up, and keep diving into life. The feast of stories include Pierce interviewing dancers backstage at a strip club, discovering the wonders of oatmeal diapers and working through the challenge of finding lady clothes.

Finding the Doorbell!

Cringe, laugh, cheer, and be relieved that Cindy experienced these mishaps and triumphs rather than you! Dicey situations retold — from the female condom, to an escapade with the “Last Resort Bra,” to everything you wanted to know about urinal mints — all illustrating her life-long determination to find humor rather than humiliation from her anatomy.

Cindy reviews her show’s notes before taking to the stage.