Small World Magic on Thayer Street

By chance, I met up with three first-year Brown students with whom I share a connection

Yesterday I spoke at Moses Brown in Providence, Rhode Island. Between my presentations, I headed to Thayer St. to meet my friend from MB for an early dinner. Five young women were heading toward me coming down Thayer St. I turned to ask them for directions. As I started to speak, one of the women faced me to ask a question before I even got a word out, “Did you speak at Hotchkiss last year?” I was blown away by the small world moment, and then another one stepped forward and asked, “Did you speak at Milton last year?” We were all amazed, and then a third woman said, “No wait, did you speak at Deerfield last year?”

I was in Providence to present to students and ran smack into three women who heard my presentation when they were in high school. We reintroduced ourselves, caught up on a few things and just shook our heads at how it could even be possible. Somehow the Universe aligned and put three friends from Brown University together on Thayer St. just when I was lost and needed direction. Love the cosmic swirl that life serves up. Thank you Kira, Semi and Kaycie for speaking up.

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