Stretching My Fashion Zone…Again

Getting feedback on my outfits from my kids never goes that well, but I can’t seem to help myself. Luckily I have a strong ego, because any time I stretch a little outside my fashion range, they don’t hold back.

While my dress up bar is low, occasionally I bust out with a little razzle-dazzle. » Read more

Clinging to Snape Like a Life Raft

One spring morning in 2005, I was out enjoying the post-winter warmth on a run. I was feeling terrific. My friend, with her five-year-old in the back seat, stopped her car to chat. She mentioned how she had read an article in the paper about an upcoming show I was performing locally. » Read more

NYC Marathon: A Feast of an Experience

Finishing the NY Marathon with my body and sanity intact was a lifetime achievement. I felt joy for the first 15 miles, moderately strong for another 9 miles and quite uncomfortable for the last 2.2. The cocktail of Gatorade and shot blocks with a cliff bar at mile 19 may have contributed to the less than excellent feelings in the birth canal of that run, but it was worth it. » Read more

Dumbass in diapers

It is hard to imagine what leads to a 46-year-old woman like me to be sitting in an extra-large adult diaper watching Patriots News. Fate is actually the thing that got me here. I am now convinced that the Universe aligns to bring such occasions into my life. » Read more

The June Kid Scramble

We are in the birth canal of summer. Before the last days of school and spring sports season, it is a whirlwind of details with kids. Since we started Parenting On Track, we have taken ourselves out of a lot of equations of our kids’ responsibilities, but spring seems to bring us into the heart of almost every aspect of their lives. » Read more