Clinging to Snape Like a Life Raft

One spring morning in 2005, I was out enjoying the post-winter warmth on a run. I was feeling terrific. My friend, with her five-year-old in the back seat, stopped her car to chat. She mentioned how she had read an article in the paper about an upcoming show I was performing locally. » Read more

NYC Marathon: A Feast of an Experience

Finishing the NY Marathon with my body and sanity intact was a lifetime achievement. I felt joy for the first 15 miles, moderately strong for another 9 miles and quite uncomfortable for the last 2.2. The cocktail of Gatorade and shot blocks with a cliff bar at mile 19 may have contributed to the less than excellent feelings in the birth canal of that run, but it was worth it. » Read more

Dumbass in diapers

It is hard to imagine what leads to a 46-year-old woman like me to be sitting in an extra-large adult diaper watching Patriots News. Fate is actually the thing that got me here. I am now convinced that the Universe aligns to bring such occasions into my life. » Read more

The June Kid Scramble

We are in the birth canal of summer. Before the last days of school and spring sports season, it is a whirlwind of details with kids. Since we started Parenting On Track, we have taken ourselves out of a lot of equations of our kids’ responsibilities, but spring seems to bring us into the heart of almost every aspect of their lives. » Read more

Blinded by the Love of Chimps

When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be Jane Goodall. Back in the day, we could only get two channels in Etna, NH. Once a year, National Geographic’s Jane Goodall; My Life with Chimpanzees would air on one of our channels on a random Saturday afternoon. » Read more

New Neighbors: Nutts and Balls

Long before my parents became innkeepers at Pierce’s Inn, they brought our family as guests to the Keene’s Lodge. My oldest five siblings attended Keene’s Ski School and learned to ski on the rope tow behind the Lodge. The Ashley family owned the place when Winston, the fifth child in our family of seven attended Ski School. » Read more