Social Survival for Boys

The Challenges of Navigating Online Pressure

My concern for the well-being of boys and men started young and eventually inspired me to become an educator and a speaker. Flying under the radar in the land of boys well into my teens allowed me to witness common ways that boys manage the pressure to feel enough. » Read more

Stretching to TEDx

Exploring my threshold for retention

In April, I had the amazing opportunity to present at TEDxKemoreSquare. It was the proudest moment of my speaking career so far. The most challenging part was stretching my drifty old mind to remember sixteen minutes of material in order. » Read more

“Handlers” and Hookups

Dragging Middle School All The Way To College

Social Courage takes practice. Many people hope that Social Courage will suddenly land on them and allow them to avoid awkwardness. Developing Social Courage requires a willingness to be vulnerable by diving into awkward soup with some regularity. » Read more