“Cindy Pierce delivered perhaps the most hilarious, informative and resonant performance I have seen since coming to Dartmouth. Her approach of addressing gender dynamics was neither self-conscious nor combative. She fully engaged everyone in the audience, both male and female.”
– Keshav Poddar, Dartmouth College, Class of 2014

Cindy Pierce performs her storytelling show in Burlington, Vt.

Kirkland Productions
Cindy speaks to college students about healthy sexual relationships. She is represented by Kirkland Productions.


Respect This: Safer, Saner Sex in College

What people are saying:

“Cindy has an uncanny gift of bringing closet subjects about sex and relationships into the open. She educates in a humorous manner. Cindy’s presentation is thought provoking and inspires discussion with a message that is not only beneficial to college students, but desperately needed.”
– Josh Dooley, Dartmouth College, Class of 2006

“Students are still talking about your program. The term ‘healthy tribe’ really struck students, and they commented on the evaluations that they needed to find a ‘healthy tribe’ to encourage them to make better decisions…obvious to us, but the term ‘healthy tribe’ is what made is click with them.”
– Kimberly Choleqinski, Health Education Coordinator, Old Dominion University.

“Cindy’s message is what everyone on a college campus right now needs to hear. Her humorous approach allows for open and frank dialogue on what’s really going on out there in the world of university hook-ups, one-night stands and Facebook sex.”
– Kyle Pendleton, Zeta Tau Alpha

In this hilarious program, Cindy uses anecdotes and her social research to demystify sex, relationships, and the drunken hook-up culture. With unfiltered honesty, she addresses how media and internet porn skew sexual expectations for men and women, particularly around female pleasure. Cindy’s stories encourage students to look more closely at the role of alcohol in decision-making and how excessive consumption actually undermines social and sexual comfort. Cindy will help students put sex in a healthy context for those who want to make it a safe priority without letting it sabotage their emotional well being. Students will walk away with safer and more realistic expectations about sex. Go here to read more and see a video clip of Cindy Pierce.
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