Vagina Warrior

Cindy Pierce is the winner of the
2012 Vagina Warrior Award

Sponsored by the Center for Women and Gender at Dartmouth College

The term “Vagina Warrior” has become an integral part of V-Day’s lexicon. Since its conception in 1998 as a worldwide movement to empower and enable activists to raise awareness and funds locally through V-Day benefit productions of The Vagina Monologues, the movement has been led by fierce, passionate and generous women working to end violence against women and girls in their communities. They are Vagina Warriors.
This honor celebrates and supports those women and men who are making a difference, who are changing the paradigm and perception of violence against women, and who are leading our communities to a better future.
It is with great pleasure that we wish to present the 2012 Vagina Warrior award to Cindy Pierce on behalf of V-Day Dartmouth student group, the Center for Women and Gender and, more broadly, the women of Dartmouth. Cindy, we thank you for your courage and your unwavering belief in what is good. We thank you for the time you have donated to V-Week for many years, and for your truth-telling on stage, which has changed the outlook towards sex, alcohol, and relationships for so many Dartmouth students. The way you life your life – being true to yourself – has inspired us all to be a better version of ourselves. Thank you for your support, courage, and humor!
We believe that Cindy’s contributions to raising awareness and working towards change on the issues related to sexual violence are extraordinary and those of a Vagina Warrior. We are truly thankful for her voice, strength, and contributions to the students of Dartmouth College.
“…a warrior is one whose basic responsibility is to protect and preserve life. The struggle to end violence on this planet is a battle. Emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical. It requires every bit of our strength, our courage, our fierceness….It means developing the spiritual muscle to enter and survive the grief that violence brings and, in that dangerous space of stunned unknowing, inviting the deeper wisdom.”
– Eve Ensler, Vagina Warrior Statement