Shows for Parents

Cindy Pierce with her husband, Bruce and their children; Zander, Colter and Sadie.

Moms On Fire: A retreat for moms

Join us for a relaxing, invigorating and enlightening two-night retreat for mothers at Pierce’s Inn in Etna, NH. Experts from across the country, and from a variety of fields will facilitate workshops and presentations on a range of topics. The focus for the sessions include: Maintaining Emotional Health, Raising Resilient Kids, Artistic Expression, Making Change in the World, Body Image and Female Friendships, and Zumba!

For three years, mothers who have been sending their daughters to Girls’ Leadership Camp have been begging us to do something for them. This is your chance to experience what these girls have been talking about. It is an opportunity for strong women to get together and share everything from letting it loose with Zumba to discussing the impact of media on the body image and self-esteem of women and their daughters.

When: Thursday, August 8th 10 AM – Saturday, August 10th 9 AM
Where: Pierce’s Inn, 261 Dogford Rd., Etna, NH 03750

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The Truth About Intimacy:
An Upgraded Version of “The Talk” in the (Mis)Information Age

This show is an entertaining and educational show for parents.

Cindy Pierce is on a mission to bring truth about sex and relationships to the forefront of our consciousness and conversations through her unique style of storytelling, outrageous humor and years of research. Cindy speaks all over the country to audiences of all ages. Cindy’s presentation is an entertaining and educational show for parents and covers the following topics:

• Sex Ed for parents –Isn’t it interesting how sex leads to parenting, and parenting leads to much less sex?! When you have kids and a job or two, it is hard to make sex a priority even though you know it is good for your relationship and health. Cindy addresses the common obstacles that keep many couples from communicating about sex and offers inspiring perspective.

• Sex Ed for kids – It is important for parents to provide a fairly aggressive sex education for younger kids because of what the culture is serving up. No parent really wants this awkward job, but it belongs to us. We have a choice: Step up and dive in or let our culture and media fill the void. The only other option is to motivate to get a program in the community to take it on. When you hear what is coming down the pike, you may be inspired to provide some information to your kids.

• Porn Culture – Media, Internet porn and gaming are skewing our kids’ ideas about sexuality. While it is easier to surrender to the storm of cultural input, awareness will make these conversations easier and arm parents with conviction. Kids are doing the best with what they have. They are often relieved to have clear boundaries, information and a safety net to help them navigate the overwhelming choices in their daily lives.


Past Shows

Doubletree Conference Center, South Burlington, VT – February, 2013

Tupelo Music Hall, White River Junction, VT – November, 2011 and November, 2012

Dowd’s Country Inn, Lyme, NY – March, 2012

Camden Opera House, Camden, ME – October, 2011