Cindy Pierce: ‘Finding the Doorbell’

Randolph Herald — March 1, 2007

Up-and-coming comedic sensation Cindy Pierce will present her one-woman performance, “Finding the Doorbell,” at the Chandler Music Hall in Randolph Saturday, March 10.

Not a standard comedy show, hers is the subject of a feature-length documentary, “The Last Laugh,” which aired in mid-February on New England Cable News (NECN). Billed as a “heretofore misplaced owner’s manual to the place from where we all came,” from a woman who’s been described as “a cross between Lily Tomlin and Dr. Ruth Westheimer,” this is a show for adults only. It contains graphic descriptions and explicit sexual language.

As a theatre major, elementary teacher, bed and breakfast inn proprietor, mother of three and youngest sister to seven, Etna, N.H. comedian Cindy Pierce leads a full existence. Through her many roles, she has lived out the experiences that make up “Finding the Doorbell.” A hilarious series of taboo-breaking stories about the female body, discovering ones own sexuality and other hilarious findings about her life, “Finding the Doorbell” is a refreshingly blunt look at what it means to be a woman, without the traditional bashing of what it means to be a man.

Pierce, who embraces physical comedy, both in content and delivery, says, “Growing up the youngest of seven kids provided me with a sex education that combined vague parental input, graphic sisterly insight and a tomboy youth that granted me uncensored access to the male world.”

Pierce may have been late to enter womanhood (getting repeatedly kicked out of the girls bathrooms) but she made up for lost time by parlaying her insights into an uncanny ability to distill any situation to its funniest common denominator then spin it into a positive message that appeals to men and women, young and old.

For tickets, call the Chandler Box Office at 728-6464.

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