Speaker to discuss hook-up culture, confidence

The North Wind – Sept. 6, 2018

By Ellen Lindblom

Sex positive educator and comedic storyteller, Cindy Pierce will be on campus Tuesday, Sept. 11, at 7:30 p.m. in Jamrich 1100 to discuss navigating hook-up culture. Pierce has been teaching sex education for 12 years, “by accident.”

“The funniest part of the whole thing was that I was the last person to be sexually active in my friend group,” Pierce said.

Pierce travels the country talking to middle schoolers, high schoolers, parents, adults and college students. “I was alarmed by how much crappy sex my friends were having,” Pierce said. “So pleasure education is really where I started.” Continue reading



“Pierce, Cindy. Sexploitation: Helping Kids Develop Healthy Sexuality in a Porn-Driven World. Bibliomotion. Oct. 2015. 224p. notes. bibliog. ISBN 9781629560892. pap. $18.95; ebk. ISBN 9781629560908. CHILD REARING

Leading social sexuality educator Pierce maintains that what today’s kids need more than screen time are conversations with parents about values, beliefs, friendships, sexuality, and a host of other topics. In talking to their kids, parents are in a position to help them find their inner compass by unplugging and avoiding the trap of digital multitasking. Pierce cites a wide range of problematic media-driven issues for kids (e.g., hypersexualized female body images, violent masculinity) and urges parents to enter into the dialog to give their children alternative ways to behave and think.

Verdict While Pierce points out seemingly insurmountable pressures on today’s youth, she devises a workable plan for guiding them toward healthy life choices.—Deborah Bigelow, director emerita, Leonia P.L., NJ”

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Here and Now: Educator Tackles Porn, Consent And Communication With College Freshmen

WBUR’s Here & Now — Aug. 12, 2015


For many freshmen around the country, college orientation this year will include more than learning to manage a meal plan or figuring out when to declare a major. It could also mean sitting through lectures about sexual behavior on campus, sexual assault and affirmative consent. Some also will require students to fill out honor code forms agreeing to behave in a sexually appropriate manner. Among the schools that have incorporated sexual assault and consent awareness into their freshman curricula in recent years are Elon University, George Washington University, Indiana University, Rutgers and Stanford.

Cindy Pierce is a New Hampshire-based sex educator, the author of the soon-to-be-released book “Sexploitation” and a popular speaker on campuses around the country. And while some argue that the programs are overkill, since students today have access to more information than any generation that preceded them, Pierce argues that it’s exactly because there’s so much information out there that today’s students need more guidance.
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Sex Comic Visit

The Taft Papyrus — Nov. 7, 2014

By Kayla Kim
News Editor

taft-papyrus-page“Sex is awkward forever,” says Cindy Pierce. “You are physically naked with a partner; you are emotionally naked. There is nothing that can rescue you from the inevitable awkwardness of that situation.” Cindy Pierce is a college speaker and comic storyteller who visited Taft in late October and spoke separately to the lower and upper school about, to put it simply, sex.

Taft’s newly formed Health and Wellness Committee chose Cindy Pierce specifically to address sexuality and healthy sexual relationships. “Several Taft faculty and students heard her speak at the Independent Schools Gender Project Conference and thought she was fantastic,” says Mrs. Sarah Koshi, Coordinator of Character, Leadership, and Wellness. “She also has spoken at some of our peer schools including Berkshire and Hotchkiss and has received rave reviews.” Continue reading

It could be worse, it could be you

Barre-Montpelier Times Argus — Feb. 6, 2014

By Mary Gow
Arts Correspondent

“It seems like my purpose on this planet is to make people feel OK and be able to laugh at themselves,” said Cindy Pierce of Hanover, N.H. “When people hear my stories, they feel grateful not to be me.”
From her ingenious oatmeal application for an inconveniently situated poison ivy outbreak to buying appropriate “lady clothes” for a full weekend of wedding festivities, Pierce’s new one woman show, “Comfort in the Stumble,” is chock full of her stories. While, fortunately, most of us have been spared first-hand experience of such ill placed poison ivy, her stories resonate. Besides laughing with her, Pierce’s audiences are also inspired and even empowered by her resilience.
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One-Woman Show Highlights Comic Tales of Human Foibles

Vermont Public Radio — Feb. 6, 2014

By Neal Charnoff


Comic storyteller Cindy Pierce is on a mission, and she’s not just looking for laughs. She’s wants to bring truth to the complicated world of sex, relationships and human behavior.

Her new one-woman show, Comfort in the Stumble, is a collection of stories revolving around resilience and finding one’s way in a complicated sexual world. Pierce, who lives in Etna, N.H., also speaks to students and parents at college campuses around the country.

Pierce believes that social media and the Internet have complicated attitudes toward sex and human behavior, and that the mythic “drunken hook-up culture” has created a confused generation.

Her solo show is more of a comedic tour through her own experiences, and her journey to mastering what she calls “shame resilience”.

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Laughing and learning with Cindy Pierce

Comic storyteller brings her new, mind-opening show to Stowe

Stowe Today — February 6, 2014

By Biddle Duke

Comedian and storyteller Cindy Pierce will perform her new one-woman comedy show, “Comfort in the Stumble,” in Stowe on Saturday, Feb. 8.


Pierce performs variations of her original show, “Finding the Doorbell,” as well as two other shows: “The Truth About Intimacy: An Upgraded Version of ‘The Talk’ in the (Mis)Information Age” and “Comfort in the Stumble.” She is also co-author of “Finding the Doorbell: Sexual Satisfaction for the Long Haul.”

Pierce combines outrageous humor and years of research to enlighten a wide variety of audiences about healthy sexual relationships. Her material comes from experience. With three kids of her own storming into their teens, Pierce says she is a bit of a social liability for them, but her husband, Bruce, keeps the family grounded. They live in Etna, N.H., where they own and run Pierce’s Inn.
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Comedian Cindy Pierce Talks About Sex, Female Anatomy and What College Students Can’t Learn From Porn

Seven Days — Feb. 5, 2014

By Ethan de Siefe

Seven Days

Cindy Pierce delights in her imperfections, as she’ll be the first to tell you. Though her catalog of missteps is likely no longer than anyone else’s, the New Hampshire comedian is better equipped than most to laugh about them — and to make others laugh with her. Pierce, who bills herself as a “comic storyteller” (“I don’t tell jokes,” she says. “I can’t even really remember a joke!”), performs her latest one-woman show, Comfort in the Stumble, in Stowe and Burlington this month. In it, she makes light of her embarrassments, her sexuality and her body to hilarious effect.

“Something that is so normal for someone else never seems to be smooth for me,” Pierce, 48, says in a phone conversation. She’s referring to everyday events such as shopping for clothes and washing her hands. “It used to be that I’d get embarrassed, recover and be able to find the humor later,” she says. “Now, in the middle of a situation that is unraveling, I can see that it’s going to be a great story for me.”
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Campus Activities Magazine

Cindy Pierce – Sex Is Not a Dirty Word

pierce-campusmagCindy Pierce is a rare personality. She’s one of those people who can make situations most people feel uncomfortable and awkward with completely natural, an important trait for someone who specializes in discussing relationships and sexual health. “That is the focus of my life at this point, for all ages.” It took a bit of a unique background for Cindy to become the specialist she is. “I grew up playing sports with boys, that was a huge thing. I played baseball and ski raced so I was with boys 10 months a year, which put me in a position to hear a lot about what boys were thinking. I became sort of a sister to them and that has persisted throughout my life. Men in particular have always opened up to me and I think that is my strength. Especially among groups of college men; I don’t scold them or make them feel embarrassed about openly discussing sexually related topics in mixed company. I really want to help them get information that will help them make better choices that will make campuses a safer place for all of us.” Continue reading