Good Vibes and Duct Tape: Stories With Cindy Pierce is a documentary film made by Dartmouth Students in Jeff Ruoff’s couse, Advanced Videomaking FS39. Spring Term, 2014.

Cindy Pierce: The Last Laugh is a 2007 documentary produced, written and reported by NECN’s Barbara MacLeod.

“Cindy focuses on healthy human behavior, not the do’s and dont’s. She challenges her audience to better know themselves and will leave them all thinking ‘I never thought about it that way.”
– Shawn Eagleburger, Assistant Director of Greek Life, Kansas State University

Cindy Pierce is a leading social sexuality educator and comic storyteller who has been performing her one-woman comedic show and providing educational program around healthy sexual behavior and choices since 2004. Combining humor and research, she enlightens people about the choices and obstacles confronted in today’s media-driven world. As the youngest of 7 children, Cindy grew up seeing a lot! As an athlete on co-ed teams, she found herself having dual citizenship, accepted and “in” with both boys and girls. A self-proclaimed ‘incident magnet,’ Cindy frequently finds herself embroiled in awkward or embarrassing situations—which she characteristically interprets as moments of humor and learning, from which her audiences benefit. Cindy is the author of SEXPLOITATION: Helping Kids Develop Healthy Sexuality in a Porn Driven World and is co-author of Finding the Doorbell.

Cindy has been honored as one of 14 Remarkable Women of the Arts in New Hampshire magazine and a Pioneer with three others in the category. She was also recently the amateur contest winner in the Nantucket Film Festival’s Late Night Storytelling 2012 competition. The Center for Women and Gender at Dartmouth College named her a ‘Vagina Warrior’ in 2012 for her work fighting for the empowerment of women and reduction of sexual assault on college campuses. Cindy is committed to continuing to use education and humor to promote a safer, healthier, and more enjoyable understanding of sex.

She lives with her husband Bruce and their three teenage kids in Etna, N.H., near Dartmouth College, where they own and run Pierce’s Inn.

Cindy Pierce with her husband, Bruce and their children; Zander, Colter and Sadie.

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